A Muse Unjust

A Muse unjust with passion, lust
Doth drive Her host to brink with think!
Such that reprieve be form of drink,
To dull, to mute, to cast aside,
Her heady roller coaster ride.

The color of life monochromes
Against Her vibrant hues and tones.
Imaginings unfit for truth,
Suitable of follies youth,
Persist kaleidoscopically!
Contrasting life: Banality.

In truth, some diamonds; they transverse,
And glimpse some value in this curse.
And thus, the Vampyre beguiles,
Hinting fresh, fantastic wiles.
Wresting thoughts, enthralling time,
From sleep, from play, from Loves divine.

Who courts her long seldom lives
She takes from me far more than gives.

A Muse Unjust

To Love Today

To love today is worthy not.
For time and change consume as rot.
Whom be today, in hope and fear,
Give way to hour, day, and year.
Such that reborn ever ye be,
Who then can say, “I am but me!”
In flux! In shift! Turmoil! Rust!
Subject to fates unfit, unjust.

To love today is to suppose
With change and age a union grows.
To love tomorrow, as today,
We love not rocks, nor be we fey.

What dares to stand against change, ever?
The Promise of love and life together.

To Love Today

Kids, Video Games, and The Game of Life

With the internet down, my wife turned to the downloaded games on the old XBOX 360, and found a game I picked up cheap after wandering into a couple ridiculous Let’s Plays on youtube. Goat Simulator. My 5 year old daughter loved it. Like, seriously, jumping up and down, exploring, excited, loved it.

“Does this game have ads?”

“Nope. Daddy bought it.”

“Good! I hate ads.”

Cue the pangs of guilt.

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Kids, Video Games, and The Game of Life

I’m a turkey dinner! Do you like my sombrero?

Why did the commander of Aram have to dip in the Jordan river 7 times?

It is an honest question, it is a human question. That’s why the commander, Naaman, asked it.

Naaman suffered leprosy and was told that Elisha would be able to heal him.
The commander journeyed to meet Elisha and upon being instructed to dip in the river Jordan seven times, became angry.

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I’m a turkey dinner! Do you like my sombrero?

The Meaning in the Moment

When we have intercessions by the Lord in ways that the prophets did not; serendipity, happenstance, luck; in these moments and given our circumstances, we know it to be the hand of God. We are certain of it. Our certainty in that moment is what is really important.

When we look back, we tend to dismiss what we viewed as miraculous, as commonplace.

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The Meaning in the Moment

Why Policy is a Communist Construct

The point of establishing a policy is to attempt to create an equality of outcome. Which is already deep in the commie zone.

The point is that the outcome, given the same inputs, will always be the same. This is, ostensibly, to eliminate internal biases and favoritism.

But at its core, it is a communist ideal. By becoming an abdication of the professional skill and personal responsibility of the individual, it is counter to American individualism.

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Why Policy is a Communist Construct