Could you run a factory?

Do you think if you had some training you could run a business?

Would you want to run a business that employed many people, like a factory, even if it meant working harder and longer hours?

You would? Neat!

Now… Would you still do it if you were guaranteed more headache, more work, more hours, and the exact same pay as someone who phones it in at an easy job, shows up at 9, takes an hour lunch, and leaves promptly at 5?

That’s why socialism doesn’t work.

Because people don’t work for the love of the game, nor do they work simply to continue existing. They work to try to live the life they want.

Give them the possibility of extra work and no payoff, and they’ll pass.

But offer them the just reward for their toil and trouble?

Watch them soar.

People seem to think running a factory or business is no different from screwing the heads on the dolls in the assembly line.

It’s not.

This is the Dunning–Kruger effect in full force. “Look at that owner up there. He doesn’t screw heads on dolls. What does he even do all day? I could do his job. I should be the one up there on the catwalk.”

Sorry factory worker working as little as possible without getting fired, it’s skilled labor. Even if that skill is simply getting up early, leaving late, and putting up with a lot of headache.

If offered the exact same pay for a difficult job with long, uneven hours and an easy job with shorter, fixed hours, which would you pick?

Then why do you expect business owners to keep running their business when all it gives them is grief?

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Could you run a factory?

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