When a thing is more than a thing

Think back to the first time you experienced the freedom of driving your car.

When you didn’t have a car, your schedule and location were at the mercy of someone else. Your parents, the bus schedule, the metro, or taxis. You needed someone else to be available to go and do.

But now that you did have a car? The world is your oyster…

You could play music as loud as you wanted, control the temperature, and while doing all those things, drive anywhere your gas tank would get you. You experienced a dramatic increase in your choice and options! Even more so when you realize you can apply for jobs beyond biking distance or with schedules that didn’t match the rides you could hitch.

Maybe you didn’t (or don’t!) have a car, or just didn’t have this experience with your car. Maybe you don’t mind waiting for the bus, and don’t think it’s a big deal. If you’re one of these people, I apologize. This analogy isn’t going to work well, but please read on, because the concept definitely applies to something else in your life.

That hunk of steel atop four wheels more than a means of conveyance and distributing oil drippings; it was freedom, it was independence, it was seized opportunity, it was a multiplication of your will, and it was all yours.

Sure, it cost about $1200, but to you it was worth so much more.

It was the external embodiment of something INSIDE you. It was an exemplification of the things that composed your character.

This is why the $1200 was spent on a car, and not on a top of the line computer. To someone else, the computer might represent opportunity, connection to the world, expansion of knowledge, and potential to develop skills you’ll use for the rest of you life. But not to you. The car was more important, because you valued the things the car offered more than what the new computer offered.

You picked the car because of who you are, and what you valued. The car is about the things you like, your beliefs, and values, even if it was kind of a piece of junk.

The car wasn’t JUST a car, the car is about who you are. The car is a part of you, or at least a symbol of a part of you. The car is your beliefs and values expressed externally.

So when someone tries to TAKE your car, they’re not trying to take a thing with four wheels and rust spots, they’re trying to take a part of you. They’re trying to take your freedom.

That is why you can’t have my guns.


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When a thing is more than a thing

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