3D Designing a Butterfly in OpenSCAD

Mostly 3D.

I’m just building more complex keyboards. This one will flap from side to side like a butterfly! A BUTTERFLY.

I guess.

I had an idea for a grid-layout keyboard with an adjustable and removable hinge like the IBM M15, so you can adjust the angle and placement of both sides of keys so you’re not tweaking your wrists, slowly degrading their ability to exist painlessly.

As with most best laid plans, the devil in the details derailed my designdobjectives; but brought me to a more interesting and concise design…

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3D Designing a Butterfly in OpenSCAD

America Doesn’t Exist

Do you like Hockey?

No wait, Baseball. Do you like Baseball?

I find it intensely boring (but that’s not important right now), because Baseball has an interesting property I’d like to explain.

You can play Baseball just like you can play a flute, but someone can steal a flute and they cannot steal Baseball.

Obviously, if you own a physical baseball, someone can steal that, but now you’re just playing catch with homonyms.

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America Doesn’t Exist

Why didn’t Jerry Brown just ban assault weapons?

In less than 48 hours California inventors came up with a way around the new AR-15 restrictions, proving yet again that the government will always be behind the innovation of the free marketplace.

Many will miss the point entirely, and argue specifics and technicalities, but if you want to know why Governor Brown didn’t just ban what California has already legally designated as “Assault Rifles” completely, then you’re asking the right question!

But you won’t like the answer…

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Why didn’t Jerry Brown just ban assault weapons?

When a thing is more than a thing

Think back to the first time you experienced the freedom of driving your car.

When you didn’t have a car, your schedule and location were at the mercy of someone else. Your parents, the bus schedule, the metro, or taxis. You needed someone else to be available to go and do.

But now that you did have a car? The world is your oyster…

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When a thing is more than a thing