The Meaning in the Moment

When we have intercessions by the Lord in ways that the prophets did not; serendipity, happenstance, luck; in these moments and given our circumstances, we know it to be the hand of God. We are certain of it. Our certainty in that moment is what is really important.

When we look back, we tend to dismiss what we viewed as miraculous, as commonplace.

Even if the initial miracle; the occurrence of something so perfect that in that time there was no question in our minds of God’s power, of God’s movement. As time passes, and as we humans, while trapped on this Earth, will always attempt to rationalize.

We will find ways to rob God of the glory.

We will explain away what we thought unexplainable at the time. We will dismiss action that we so dearly, so deeply needed. That we asked for a response and, in His grace He delivered, no matter how apparently small it might have seemed to someone on the outside.

Miracles such as these are often deeply personalized to our emotional, physical, and spiritual state. To explain them to someone who was not exactly where we stood and did not experience exactly what we experienced is pointless. It means nothing to them.

This, we somehow understand perfectly. That God’s deliverance and God’s miracles come perfectly tailored to us as individuals, and may not ever be understandable to others.

Yet as time passes and we grow personally, and we walk further down our path, and our spiritual valleys become peaks or vice versa, we forget that we too become different people. We fail to realize that we will never be able to appreciate the exact moment that God stepped in and gave us exactly what we needed.

We are the dwellers of a fine city which lacks nothing regarding a bottle of water as we would a bird flying overhead. We forget that during our period in the desert we would have regarded the same bottle as of pure gold.

How shameful it is, how sorrowful we should be to know that while on the Earth, we shall only once truly experience these moments.

Let us renew our vows. Let us recall our positions. Let us record, as closely to the time as possible, the meaning, the magic, the marvel of God’s grace

He knows what we are made of. He knows we are but dust.

Though, let us strive to be the finest dust to ever worship the Lord.

The Meaning in the Moment

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