I’m a turkey dinner! Do you like my sombrero?

Why did the commander of Aram have to dip in the Jordan river 7 times?

It is an honest question, it is a human question. That’s why the commander, Naaman, asked it.

Naaman suffered leprosy and was told that Elisha would be able to heal him.
The commander journeyed to meet Elisha and upon being instructed to dip in the river Jordan seven times, became angry.

He knew the power of God, just as we know the power God has, evidenced by the miracles recorded in the Bible. Instantaneous healings, restorations from death, impossible circumstances, and miraculous occurrences in nature.

Why then should he he asked to sojourn to the Jordan when many other bodies of water are better? Why 7 times?

God could remove the leprosy immediately after the question was asked. Actually, God could remove the leprosy before the question was asked. But the question of why he did not act before the captain asked is obvious: For His glory.

So why create these requirements, and why such simple ones? The answer seems the same; a token of submission. A proof of trust and faith. A test.

Some humans do not like tests. Some do not like that our results are based on our performance. Some would much prefer and all powerful God to act on their behalf for nothing, as it costs Him nothing.

Other humans enjoy tests. Challenges of skill, feats of prowess, measures by which they compare themselves to others. They would prefer God set a fitting test before them; a dangerous adventure to test their mettle. Yet the requirement is simple and redundant.

Clearly he wishes us to act, buy why?

Because it is His way. He is not a magical genie. He asks of us our praise, our worship, our
sanctification, our submission, and most of all our love.

In return He, the Creator of all things, gives freely to us.

Why then do we worry if the test is simple or silly? As Naaman’s servant said, he would have done great things to cure his leprosy, so why not do small things?

Should we today, be any different? If the answer to our cancer is to put on sombrero, run into Walmart, and yell “I’m a turkey dinner!” would we turn away in a rage?

Don’t wonder in human curiosity, or excuse as misinterpretation things humans consider slight.

Just hop on eBay and order your sombrero.

I’m a turkey dinner! Do you like my sombrero?

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