Specialty items so unique they’re not worth stealing

For a limited enough supply there is no resale value for stolen goods.

The theft of a fine piece of art would come to the attention of art dealers worldwide almost immediately, making reselling this limited good quite difficult. At least at a premium…

What other goods have the same property?

Someone stole a very uncommon keyboard, accessorized with very uncommon keycaps.

The potential buyers for this good would be small.

So small, in fact, that they’re extremely likely to be members of the same online communities.

So the buyer of these (unbeknownst to him) stolen goods, posts his great find on the communities, and rapidly connects with the person from whom the goods were stolen, leading the police to the seller of the goods, and the buyer to return the property to the original owner.

What other goods are so unique and/or rare that they can’t practically be resold?

Consider cyclists’ bikes. Rarely do they stay exactly as they arrived from the manufacturer, and enthusiasts share pictures of them, and other enthusiasts, due to interest, tend to remember in detail individual bikes.

Anyone sufficiently enthusiastic of their hobby can maintain a nearly encyclopedic memory of images, gear, mods, and customizations, and instantly recognize an image in one place as one they’ve seen elsewhere.

That’s it. It was just kind of neat.

Specialty items so unique they’re not worth stealing

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