America Doesn’t Exist

Do you like Hockey?

No wait, Baseball. Do you like Baseball?

I find it intensely boring (but that’s not important right now), because Baseball has an interesting property I’d like to explain.

You can play Baseball just like you can play a flute, but someone can steal a flute and they cannot steal Baseball.

Obviously, if you own a physical baseball, someone can steal that, but now you’re just playing catch with homonyms.

The point is, Baseball (like Hockey) isn’t an object; it’s the name of an intangible idea. In this case, a set of rules.

A Baseball stadium isn’t Baseball itself. It’s just a place where Baseball is played. If your stadium burns down or if someone steals your homonym, Baseball wasn’t destroyed and Baseball wasn’t stolen.

It’s kind of weird to think of it like this, but Baseball is not a location or an object, it’s simply a set of rules which, (when followed) bring Baseball into existence. After the game ends, so (technically) does Baseball. It stops existing (in a way) until someone starts playing it again.

Because Baseball is only a set of rules, what happens if you change the rules?

You’re not playing Baseball. You’re playing some Baseball-like game that is separate from Baseball, though it looks similar. So…

What is America?

It must be our founding documents, as there are no other things that formed America but those: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. Each more radical than the last.

More than that; America is the Ideals which formed and informed those documents written in the blood of patriots and tyrants.

I already hear shrill screams of “We amended those documents!” and “Slavery!” so take a deep breath; those still count. Any amendment or law passed through the proper legal processes are legitimate…


The law or amendment was passed through the legal process described in the founding documents, or later law…


The law or amendment does not violate previous laws or rights, particularly those of the founding documents.

So, no laws that break other laws, and no laws passed illegally. Simple, right?

America is a nation of laws founded on a restricted (not restrictive) government, where a system of checks and balances requires many levels of consensus and agreement previously unheard of to perform even the most basic governmental functions.

This is not by accident.

Yet today, the phrase “bypass Congress” is met with thunderous applause. Bills that can’t get the votes required are reclassified as spending bills and passed using reconciliation (which has a lower vote threshold). The Supreme Court finds that specific wording does not exist in a bill, but rules that it exists because Congress intended that wording to be there. The president instructs his Department of Justice to refuse to enforce the laws he does not like.

America was designed to prevent monarchy and dictators, with all powers not explicitly allowed to the government or denied to the states being reserved by the states or by the people.

It sounds like a recipe for an absolute melee of weird ideas and boundary pushing.

This is not by accident either.

When the freedom to choose lies with the individuals, they can be trusted to make the best decisions for their personal situation. The good ideas rise to the top, supported by the free market dollars of you and me, making decisions in our own best interest, and the bad ones starve and die.

There aren’t a lot of people paying for bloodletting as health care today, and it’s not because the government mandated bloodletting was dangerous and illegal. Better medical ideas came along that had what bloodletting didn’t; positive results. In fact, if there were a government mandate it would likely be that bloodletting was deemed the only form a medicine safe and reliable, and banning dangerous experimental medical care like everything we use today.

Yet today, the basic functions of our states and the minutiae of our lives are managed by far off people who will never know us or our situation.

America has laws and restrictions which may not be violated by anyone. Laws with no exceptions for specific persons.

Yet today, a Federal investigation into Hillary Clinton finds she violated the letter of several laws, and remains unindicted because the prosecution simply chooses not to charge her. They didn’t change the law, or argue it doesn’t say what it does, or present counter evidence, they just refuse to bring charges.

This is why America doesn’t exist, and hasn’t for a very long time.

The rules of America have been broken, and if you’re changing the rules of a nation that is defined by certain rules, then you don’t have that nation anymore.

The nation that we live in today is some America-like country separate from America, though it looks similar.

The game of America has ended, and America has stopped existing until someone starts playing it again.

Though Baseball stops existing when people stop playing it, we still have Baseball. We still have the rules, the construct to create Baseball again.

America is a set of ideals that doesn’t exist physically. America exists within us. We, who know the founding documents, understand their purpose, play by the rules, and expect others to do the same. We carry the spirit of America, and we ARE America.

YOU are America.

We’re ready to start America again, as soon as we get enough people together who want to play the game, and want to play by the rules.

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America Doesn’t Exist

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