Why didn’t Jerry Brown just ban assault weapons?

In less than 48 hours California inventors came up with a way around the new AR-15 restrictions, proving yet again that the government will always be behind the innovation of the free marketplace.

Many will miss the point entirely, and argue specifics and technicalities, but if you want to know why Governor Brown didn’t just ban what California has already legally designated as “Assault Rifles” completely, then you’re asking the right question!

But you won’t like the answer…

The first California assault weapons ban said that all the rifles newly classified as assault weapons (by how they look, not function) had to be registered with the state. After the registration period ended, only 27k of an estimated 1 million rifles have been registered.

The rest are owned by people who refused to give up their AR15s.

Nearly a million Californians became felons overnight. They knew it, and they didn’t care.

That’s why Brown didn’t simply ban Assault Weapons; because he didn’t want to remind the country, and world, that gun owners– even those crunchy liberal Californians…

Will NOT turn in their guns.

Even when faced with felony charges.

Even when faced with confiscation.

Because Brown, and all the other gun-grabbers knows the truth: that there aren’t enough federal agents or cops or SWAT teams in the entire country to take them from California.

Much less, the entire country.

All they can do is posture and puff and beat their chest, but they know the truth and they desperately want to keep you from realizing it.

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Why didn’t Jerry Brown just ban assault weapons?

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