Shut Up for Progress

Shut up.

Just stop talking.

It’s not hard, we know you don’t agree, but you just need to shut up.

Look, you have a right to disagree, we know that, but you don’t have a right to wound the people you disagree with by doing so publicly.

You’re only making it harder on yourself.

If you don’t shut up, you might find yourself forced to say something you disagree with. Well, “forced” is not the right word… but it will feel the same way.

Someone incapable of keeping their hateful opinion to themselves may find themselves out of work, and unable to find any future employment. They might get death threats, stalkers, and protesters at their home… While they still have a home…

You’re really the one causing it by antagonizing people. They just want to live their lives the way they want, and your hate is so boundless that you can’t keep it to yourself.

Hiding behind opinion or religion or free speech is just a dodge. We all know the truth, and none of us will come to your aid when society rightly excommunicates you.

When you become untouchable.

When you’re a venomous snake, unable to keep itself from biting the people who just want to help.

“Shut up.” I explain gently, and offer my hand. The hand into which you inject your radioactivity, and soon I suffer the same as you. So why should I help you? Why should anyone help you?

You, who won’t help him or her or xir self?

You, who won’t merely appear to agree today, just because tomorrow, your children will actually agree?

You, who dangerously voice the unpopular opinion to be shunned today, so that tomorrow, your disappearance will pass unreported, or better, reported with a chuckle?

Don’t you see what we’re doing here? We’re making society better. We’re making people better. We’re making opinions better. We’re making facts better.

We’re making everything better, but we can’t do that when people like you refuse your consent.

That’s how this works: We tell you what the truth is, and you agree or shut up long enough that everyone thinks you agree. Because when they think you agree, they’re more likely to agree themselves.

Can you imagine it? A world where everyone agrees. No conflict. No disagreement. Perfect unity. Perfect sameness. Perfect control.

Isn’t this a noble goal? Isn’t this something worth striving for? Isn’t this achievement worth bettering yourself at the expense of some old ideas?

Well, even if you don’t think so, WE think so, and there are many more of us than you. We want to make the world a better place and you’re standing in the way.

Who’s going to come to your defense after they see what we do to you? Who’s going to lament your disappearance from society when they knew that all you had to do to avoid your fate was shut up?

Your suicide will fade instantly. Remembered only by other nonconformists who stand in the way of Progress, not as a noble sacrifice, but as another emaciated body on our altar.

WE will use YOU to further OUR agenda. With or without your consent.

And we will do it with a clean conscience.

We’re creating a better world, and you, intractable you, had to stand up.

Don’t you see? That’s WHY we have to do this. Because we don’t understand you.

All you had to do was nothing.

You did it long enough. We grew to expect it of you. We moved things little by little, seeing how you’d react: You didn’t.

We began to build up mass and speed, our bullhorns became louder, our ideology more naked, all while we kept a side eye on you: Silence.

Now when we’re so close to our goal, when the avalanche grows large enough to pulverize you utterly, when this train would take a generation to slow to a stop from top speed; this is when you stand up to our juggernaut?

This is when you suddenly grow a backbone?

Well, don’t think I’ll feel sorry for you. Not when you were here the whole time. Not when you sat bickering amongst yourselves while we achieved a meager consensus. Not when all you had to do to save your miserable lives was nothing.

WE earned this achievement. WE made the advances. We sculpted our message for decades. WE set goals and achieved them.

All you did was complain and obstruct. By the time you had a basic consensus and an actual delivery we already controlled the bullhorns. Your ancient, unchanging, regressive ideas, even with the benefit of their intuitive appeal, were drowned out by ours.

This is why you’ve already lost.

This is why your choice is to conform or be ground to dust.

This is why you need to shut up for Progress.

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Shut Up for Progress

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