The RFRA is Creating a Political Uncanny Valley

As robots near the perfect emulation of humans, there is this dip in empathy (and by extension realism) called the uncanny valley.

Within this valley, the robot is arguably more human yet somehow more repulsive to humans.

The convergence of religion, libertarianism, voluntarism, and statism in the RFRA in this uncanny valley is causing a dip in empathy and resulting revulsion.

With voluntarists arguing the state has to force the religious to do something against their will, libertarians arguing the state has the power to control individual aspects of the free market, the religious arguing the state has to enforce their beliefs, and the statists arguing the state doesn’t have the power to make certain kinds of laws.

Dogs living with cats, etc.

It’s a hilarious mess of people arguing out the beliefs they recently acquired, and never really argued to the root.

The religious should ask themselves if Jesus ran to the state for protection, or if the Pharisees did.

The libertarians should ask themselves if businesses should be able to do or not do business with whomever they please for whatever reasons they choose.

The voluntarists should ask if an individual should empower the state to force another individual to do something they don’t want to do.

The statists should ask if an all powerful state should be able to do things with which they personally disagree.

I applaud the recent expansion of political beliefs (particularly the expansion in the liberty-oriented sections), and I applaud the debate, but there has to be a root at the base of these beliefs, or arguments meander from one political spectrum to the other based on the individual and/or the specific issue at hand.

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The RFRA is Creating a Political Uncanny Valley

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