I, for one, welcome our new internet overlords.

You know, it’s about time the government stepped in on this whole internet business.

I mean, just think of how this almost entirely unregulated invention has stagnated since it was invented. Who even has the internet?

It has barely changed from the days of dial-up with AOL. I know, we’ve got angelfire world wide web pages with background tiled gif animations of galloping unicorns, but it could be even bigger than this!

Be reasonable. Do you know how much collaboration would be required from billions of people to make a cohesive community? We can’t expect people to just invent and innovate on their own without the government setting standards!

It’s foolish free-market devotion that supposes the internet can be a success with so little government control!

Maybe after the government steps into this “wild west” and lays down some laws and regulation we might be able to get this whole internet thing to catch on! Who knows where the internet could go from there? Sending pictures to more than one person at a time? Web pages that can search other web pages? The mind googles!

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I, for one, welcome our new internet overlords.

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